On Taming the Monkey Mind

11-Jan-2020 – 11-Jan-2020

Our lives are ruled by our mental and emotional states. We have what the Buddha refers to as a ‘Monkey Mind’, which is untamed and out of control. So how can we develop healthy and well-balanced minds in our stress-filled lives?

During this free talk, we are honoured to have the revered Jetsunma...

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108 Bell Resonance 闻钟声、迎祥年

31-Dec-2019 – 01-Jan-2020

Usher in 2020 on a virtuous and auspicious note! Join the Sanghas to welcome the New Year with 108 deep resonances of the bell and wholesome aspirations in prayers. With blessings from the Triple Gem, may the hearts and minds of all beings be attuned to the Dharma!

Join us to usher in the new ye...

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大斋天 Grand Offering to Buddha and Celestial Beings 2019

21-Sep-2019 – 29-Oct-2019

In gratitude to the celestial beings for their protection of the Triple Gem who uphold the Right Path, KMSPKS organised the Grand Offering to Buddha and Celestial Beings o...

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Western Pure Land – What’s In It For Me?

27-Dec-2019 – 27-Dec-2019

Buddhists practising Pure Land Buddhism make strong aspirations to be reborn in Amitabha Buddha’s Western Pure Land. Venerable Thubten Chodron explains what it means to be reborn in Amitabha’s Western Pure Land, the benefits, and how it differs from a rebirth in the human or heavenly realms.


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Buddhist Etiquette Class 佛教礼仪

05-Oct-2019 – 05-Oct-2019

In this ever-changing society, we are responsible for ourselves and our actions. Hence, before we do anything, it is crucial that we consider them very carefully – will it be appropriate, or hurt others and even ourselves?

Learn more about Buddhist etiquette and how the Buddha’s teachings help u...

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Threefold Refuge & Five Precepts Ceremony 三皈五戒

06-Oct-2019 – 06-Oct-2019

Precepts are basic guidelines of moral conduct to help a Buddhist cultivates positive conduct. Precepts are taken voluntarily and observing them helps one to develop mindfulness. As we cultivate awareness of our feelings and various mind-states, such mindfulness restrains us from committing unwho...

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Sutra Recitation
Recitations are conducted in Mandarin.The choice of what is chanted varies from Sutras, Praise to the Triple Gem, Confession of Faults to Mantra.


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GCE O Level Master Class

31-Aug-2019 – 06-Oct-2019

The GCE O-Level examination is an important milestone. Together with our committed instructors, let us guide you on key topics as well as assessment knowledge and skills to achieve flying colours. Through this intensive revision session, you will better understand the areas of focus during the ex...

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a day ago
The biggest temple in Singapore. But you don’t feel the distance when walking from point A to point B. This is because this place is well connected and compact. Peaceful and quiet.
5 days ago
The hall of No Forms is a great olace to meditate. Even non Buddhists are welcome. There are even complimentary books to learn Buddhism. Thank you so much.
- Glenn W
a month ago
Saw the biggest Buddha here. It's a beautiful Temple. Right now under renovation.I guess if you go after the renovation you will enjoy it more
- V R

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Kong Meng San Phor Kark See Monastery (KMSPKS) is a spiritual sanctuary in urban Singapore where one can learn the Buddha's teachings of wisdom and compassion, practise mindfulness, develop gratitude and bring happiness to all. 

Founded in 1921, KMSPKS is one of the first traditional Chinese forest monasteries in Singapore. Today, the monastery sits on 75,470 square metres, equivalent to the size of almost 11 football fields, and is one of the most significant and renowned monasteries in Southeast Asia. 

Over the years, we have grown dynamically in our Dharma propagation, community involvement and religious harmony efforts. Today, we are a community of Buddhists who come together to learn, practise and share the teachings of the Buddha. 

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